Gryphon Stringed Instruments

Gryphon Stringed Instruments, established in 1969, is a Palo Alto-based purveyor of vintage stringed instruments. Headed by owners Frank Ford and Richard Johnston, Gryphon takes pleasure in their passion, instilling a high level of care in repair work, customer service, and a diverse catalog of instruments that pleases both particular elitists and newcomers.

As one of the designers assigned to the project, I focused on the About section, creating one part of the visual redesign that appealed to the upcoming generation of musicians while sustaining Gryphon's legacy for their loyal customer base. In addition, I made the Gryphon Advantage Badge, a seal of approval that is used throughout the Gryphon store page and will eventually be used for physical merchandise.

Designed at Majorminor. Creative direction by Rob Martin. Design support by Greg Johnson and Percy Batalier.