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The First

With graduation now a near-distant memory and the real world completely set in my mind, I figured today would be the day to carve the first notch into my blog (about time).

July 1st will be the first day of my three-month internship at Majorminor, a neat boutique design firm located in downtown San Francisco. I’ve had the pleasure of bonding with my new studiomates (through Skype and email) over talks of cool dumpling restaurants and local concerts in SF. Weekly food truck meet-up next to the studio? Check. Pho place across? Check. Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival with Kanye West headlining the first day? Got that covered too. All-in-all, I’m excited to make the jump over to the west coast with my lovely girlfriend. Everything seems to be set!

Except for housing. Apartment hunting in San Francisco is killer, especially with its lack of couples-friendly subleases. Luckily, more options pop open as UCSF students are finished for their spring semester. But then it presents questions of “Should I live in Sunset?” “Or Richmond?” “What happens if the neighborhood doesn't suit me?” I've been fortunate enough to get some stellar advice and opinions from the people out west, but simply put, I’m excited for when apartment hunting is over.


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